Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that was created by Markus, a developer from Portland. The use of the coin began as a self-taught joke, in which a student asked Jackson Palmer, a member of adobe systems, to make the idea of dogecoin a reality. Palmer went ahead and bought the dogecoin domain and created a very attractive website.

A month and a half after the coin was launched to the world, it became the third most valuable cryptocurrency, with a market cap of dollars fifty three million. While it may seem complicated to understand how currency works, there are many resources that you can use to your benefit.

Research has shown that many people visit the sites with the coins. The reason so many people visit websites using the currency is because their want to understand how the currency works through a first-hand experience. The dogecoin network uses a memory card that serves as proof that the currency can be exploited by common CPUs and computers used by majority of the people.

How it can be used

The digital wallet is an address you must have to receive coins. When you have a new wallet, the dogecoin network generates a private key given to you. The network also generates a public key that you use when exchanging currencies with other users.

The private key is secret and the owner is the only person who knows it. The reason it is kept secret is because anyone who knows it can claim full ownership of the funds associated with it. Due to the importance of the key, it is important that you keep it hidden as much as possible. This is because if you reveal it to other people, it can easily result in the loss of your money.


This is a place where all the transactions in which you participate are stored. Experts have equipped the blockchain with a logbook. The blockchain records all transactions in which you participate, it is updated whenever you complete a transaction.

To eliminate errors in the records, all transactions are first checked before being permanently recorded. For example, if you send money to a friend, the transaction is first added to the most current “block,” after which it undergoes authentication.

Once the check is completed, it will be kept permanently. The control process is done by “miners”.

How to get Dogecoins There are several ways to buy coins. Some of the ways include: tips, tapping, mining and exchanging other forms of currency for dogecoins. The most common method of obtaining coins is through mining. You only need a computer and a program that allows you to extract the coins. In most cases, you need to purchase an ATI / AMD video card. The better the card, the faster you will be able to draw the coins

In conclusion